Ala Amrita Amundsen is a lifelong student of health and nutrition, having "gone vegetarian" at the age of 15, much to her parents' chagrin.  

Stepping over the threshold of motherhood at 22 sent her health into a tailspin, partly due to a sacral injury just prior to pregnancy, and partly due to unknown factors which took years to properly dissect and understand.  

What she found was that at the root of her health issues, the subsequent debilitating fatigue and pain, was a combination of gut dysbiosis (poor gut flora balance), poor macro and micronutrient balance due to a modern diet and poorly executed vegetarian plan, and a cascade of factors which had caused her body to begin shutting down, adrenals stretched to the max, and ligaments weakened by overwork and undernourishment.  

She is still on her health journey!  It is a Lifestyle, and a lifelong journey of discovery through living in a body on a changing Earth...  But her years of learning have brought her to a place of understanding which she shares with others.

She has become an expert in bodywork techniques to balance the pelvis and spine, unravelling tailbone traumas, and more, through the nerves and ligaments of the body.

She also has a holistic and wide range of knowledge about nutrition, having been vegetarian, and now happily and healthfully omnivore, and learning what works for some does not always work for everyone.  Her approach to health coaching is to work with a client's goals and preferences, and give the best quality guidance as possible, explaining how the gut works, how nutrients work, and what brings our body's organs, glands, gut, and brain into balance with blood, muscle, and bone.