Animal, MIneral, vegetable, herb ~ Your food is your medicine, and your relationship to earth is your relationship to self


what is body permaculture?

The three month Body Permaculture Program includes weekly health consultation, nutritional and herbal recommendations, and possibly include aspects of body mechanics training, detoxification and colon cleansing recommendations, and other modalities.  

Permaculture is a way of looking at a system as a whole, and seeing how the parts of it interact as in an entire ecosystem within your garden, rather than focusing on a single symptom, organism, or action.  This holistic approach can be applied to your body, with the understanding that at the root of a healthy body system is a healthy gut with a balanced ecosystem of micro-organisms, clean and well-functioning organs, balanced blood and bone minerals, and so on.  When you focus on these factors as a whole body system rebalancing process, with simple steps, but with a broader perspective of how your body truly works, then deeper healing change is possible, even in the case of chronic or severe illnesses or pain.  

Scroll down to read about the process that we will go through during our journey together. 

The beginning ~ Self-Reflection 

The first step of the journey is always looking within.  In this setting, I will sit with you in conversation, and if at all possible, even if you are talking with me through Skype or Google, we will share a cup of tea, using this practice as a way to slow down, focus, and breathe deeply into your core issues, needs, and desires.  

The primary purpose of this initial conversation is to allow you the space to explore, free associate, and "talk story" about what brings you to this place and time, desiring change, and what you desire.  This process also begins giving you tools from the get go, in simply learning to sit, breathe, pull your focus to your Self, and through this awareness, all change can occur.

I stopped trying to be perfect when I realized it’s enough to be Present”
— Curtis Tyrone Jones

Get to the depths ~ the why beneath the why

This part of the process is not something that has a time frame, but an in depth exploration that may be a part of many or even all of our sessions.  Deep self-reflection, with the guidance I provide, can help you delve even deeper into understanding not just what you want, or why you want it, but some of the deeper patterns of why and how you may self-sabotage, as well as deeper understanding of why you desire what you desire.  

This process may even lead you to realize that what you thought you came to me for is not the root of your desire at all!  There may be a new goal or sense of purpose that you develop from this introspective process, and from there, we can begin to form a more concrete picture of what our goals are together. 

Receive ~ Guidance and Tools

It is now that we will begin to gain some tools for change, after you have had a chance to explore and express your inner desires, issues, and thought process.  In this moment, we will shift our focus from you sharing, to you receiving, and I will begin to reflect for you and hold a space of advocacy.  As we continue to sip on tea, my focus is on bringing you deeper into presence, and beginning to provide some tools. 

Most likely we will shift focus a bit and bring some awareness into your body, breath, movement, and posture.  I will begin to set the stage for a more comprehensive understanding of how your inner and outer body systems are working together.  How are your organs sitting within you right now? What feels heavy, dense, light, moving easily?  How is your posture? What feels tender, painful, out of place?  Through gentle movement, self awareness, and perhaps even some self massage or feeling and sensing the organs, muscles, etc, we will begin to pain a picture of what your body is doing right here and now, as you process your tea and your new awarenesses about what you desire to feel three months from now. 

Habit Change ~ Baby steps and Giant leaps

Now that we have your attention fully on your body, hopefully as present as we can possibly get you, feeling every muscle, bone, organ, and sense, we can begin engaging your mind on a more concrete level.  

Here is the stage at which I will begin laying out some first steps for you, or new layers of action to take if you are further on your journey. The goal is to make this easy, to stretch you to take new chances, make changes, but in a way that feels fluid and comfortable to you.  We also will explore how to make these steps INEVITABLE, through engaging the various tools at your disposal, be it planning, having someone to help hold you accountable, putting up reminders for yourself, and more. 

Each step builds upon the last, and while this image would suggest that there is a goal, to get to "the other side", what you may also notice is that on that other side is a whole new adventure to explore, and likely more waterways to traverse!  Life is not static, and neither are you. That's why our process together will include many dynamic activities and action steps, which will address everything from detox, to gut flora, to body mechanics, and more!

Health and nutrition practices ~ Knowledge

While much of our focus is on habit change, and awareness, knowledge IS a big component of what I will be offering you as well. 

Through trial and error, personal experience, as well as years of studying of everything from Vegetarianism to Paleo diet and GAPS, nutrition and herbalism, to gut dysbiosis and soil health as it affects food nutrients, I have a well balanced perspective. I can help you take your game to the next level no matter your dietary preference, and while I can make suggestions of alternative ways of meeting your needs, I will never push you to make a choice you don't feel comfortable with.  This process is about self awareness, and gaining the perspective of your body as a whole organism, and the knowledge I have can help you put the pieces together and see what part of the puzzle you may be missing.

I can offer guidance on nutrient balance and absorption, gut health and colon cleansing, organ and gland cleansing and hormonal balance, pain management, body mechanics, herbs and supplements that may help your symptoms or overall vitality, and eating a balanced diet which can help your body metabolize food better. Toxin elimination is another huge key factor which we will focus on as much as needed, not just in what goes in your body, but what comes out. 

Herbalism ~ more than just medicines

I feel herbs deserve their own section here, as they will be with us from the beginning to the end. In fact, they have been with us since the beginning of life on Earth, and will remain likely long after we are gone! 

Many plants with high medicinal or nutritive content are pioneer species, or extremely hardy plants that grow to remediate the soil in various ways, thanks to their strength and resilience to conditions other plants cannot tolerate.  For this reason, their strong dispositions are imbued in us when we utilize them in the right ways and times.  

Through this process I will likely be developing different tea recommendations for you, or alchemical tinctures or tincture honeys specific to your needs at the time.  These herbal recommendations can be incorporated into a daily self care routine, and will help your body with things such as pain management, detoxification, liver support, or bringing micro-minerals into your system. Some may help your nervous system, cleanse your lungs, and more. 

When you realize that many herbs are also nutritive or blood cleansing tonics, you may view your garden or weeds in a new light, and truly realize what Hippocrates may have been pointing to!

Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food”
— Hippocrates, father of Medicine

Take the leap, and the rest will follow

A health program like this doesn't have to break your wallet, or your back.  It is an affordable plan which can and will transform your life, one step at a time, one week at a time.  Allow for miracles, and ask the Universal Forces for what you need!  

Payment plans are available, with a down payment of two sessions.  Please contact me if you have any questions, or need more information.

Sliding scale is available for those in truly challenging life circumstances. Contact me for an initial session and we will talk about your situation and if a remedial payment plan could be an option.