The three month Body Permaculture Program includes weekly health consultation, nutritional and herbal recommendations, and possibly include aspects of body mechanics training, detoxification and colon cleansing recommendations, and other modalities.  Sessions occur in person or over Skype, and my preference (though not a requirement!) is to use the act of making and drinking tea as a way to bring presence, calm the chatter of the mind, and provide insight into how one begins the process of habit change.  It also provides a nice segue into learning about herbs that may assist your journey, and usually we will find a nice personalized tea recommendation for you by the end of our consultation.

Your first session is a process of getting to know yourself, what you desire, and finding "The Why Beneath the Why", with a plan of action and your first baby steps by the end of the session. Subsequent sessions will delve deeper into issues, needs, and recommendations.  

Years of clinical and personal experience with Vegetarian/Vegan, Omnivore, Paleo, and GAPS diets. 

Pain management, chronic disorders, deep nutritional cleansing detox and healing modalities, habit change, overcoming addictions including "food addictions", and pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and healing are some of my specialties. 


Weekly sessions include joyous and playful activities, building trust between members, sharing tips and tricks for deeper healing, ceremony and weekly topics on pertinent health topics.  

Not always available, but when it is I will be sure to let you know!

Sure to be a great supplement to your private work, and helps add some fuel to your fire to do the deep work you desire. $10 per person drop in rate.   


Traditional Chinese tea ceremony brings uplifting and grounding according to ones energetic needs at the moment. Bring yourself into acute presence, and learn to bring yourself into this awareness in a way which will inform your health journey as well.

Alchemical elixir ceremony and intuitive consultations help you find new plant and metal allies to bring you to states of awareness, physical healing, or spiritual mastery through unique plant alkaloids.
Cacao ceremonies include layers of herbal medicines for unique qualities of healing and ceremonial use. Offered by appointment for groups or individuals.  

Neuro-Structural Integration

This form of body work focuses on the parasympathetic nerves, bringing structural balance to the body through the neurology itself, which then informs the muscle, ligament, and bones to release, realign, and balance.  

It can be a deep work, but also tailored to your body's needs. 

The specialized focus of this work is on the coccyx (tailbone) and sacral plexus, bringing balance and relaxation to the pelvic structures and awakening nerves which have been in a sort of amnesia.  It also focuses on neck and spine, balancing shoulders, posture, and alleviating any scoliosis. 

This makes a nice adjunct to Mayan Abdominal Therapy, which delves deeper into pelvic and organ balance care.

Mayan Abdominal therapy

This is a form of therapy which releases tension and congestion in the abdomen and pelvis, as well as balancing the structures of the pelvis. 

It is useful for both males and females, though it is often focused on female.  Men will find the techniques to relieve congestion in the abdomen, which can affect bladder function, erectile function, kidneys, stomach, and tailbone. 

For females, the work also gets deeper into balancing the womb itself, alleviating symptoms connected to a tilted or retroverted uterus.  These forms of uterine twisting and flexion are something that can happen to young and old alike, and can affect everything from proper release of uterine lining, to bladder function.  Stagnation in the womb can cause symptoms such as irregular or light or excessive menses, cramping, cysts, endometriosis, and more.  

You will walk away with more understanding of your body and learn aspects of self care as well if desired.

Contact me for more information and to see if this therapy would be right for you!